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Awaken your opportunities


Let Stress Go….

Are you fed up with struggling your way through life?

Does life seem an uphill struggle with no reward?


Do you know deep inside you're not reaching your full potential?

Are you ready to make a positive change in your life?

Do you feel it's time to start planning for the life you want?

Are you excited about seeing your dreams come alive?


Coaching is particularly worthwhile…….

Facing personal or financial challenges

Ready to go for that big opportunity

Changes of direction

Wanting to start or improve your own business

Needing to find a better balance between work and personal life


Through mentoring and coaching, I will assist you to focus on clairity and discover how to use visualisation to manifest with ease.

Why not check out ……..

'A 30 Minute Discovery Session' available for ONLY £25

See details here for a  1-1 90 Minute Power Blast Session  Take advantage of The Business Surgery for micro business support. Reap the benefits of working in a group and join one of my popular and lively events.

Let me offer you the stepping stone to take your dreams to reality - your future is in your hands.


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Awaken Products
  • Can I Help?
    30 Minute Discovery Session
    Only £25!
  • Made it Thru the Rain
    book by Beverley Jones
  • I Can't Cope
    2 hour session
  • Career Mentoring
    3 hour session